Cher bizarrely claims Republicans are ‘so desperate to win they’re willing to kill Americans’

Cher is just embarrassing herself at this point by flaunting her ignorant political views.

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Pop singer Cher was once famously known for her musical talents and vocal abilities, but these days, she’s far more infamous for her deranged meltdowns against President Donald Trump and the Republican Party. On Monday, Cher lost it once again, this time accusing Trump and Republicans of being “willing to kill Americans” because of their desperation to win.

Cher’s latest meltdown came in response to news that the Supreme Court had struck down an attempt by Wisconsin Democrat Governor Tony Evers to postpone voting in the upcoming presidential primary and local elections. In their ruling, the Supreme Court stated that all attempts to delay the deadline for absentee voting would “fundamentally alter the nature of the election.”

Cher’s tweet about the situation is difficult to make out given her typical spelling and grammatical errors, so Breitbart News was kind enough to provide a translation:

“United States Supreme Court” and Republican politicians in Wisconsin are saying “you can exercise your right to vote and risk death,” or stay home and allow Republicans to win. Who the fuck are these people? Are Republicans so desperate to win they’re willing to kill Americans in their own state.

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) unsurprisingly agreed with Cher, saying, “Holding this election amid the coronavirus outbreak is dangerous, disregards the guidance of public health experts, and may very well prove deadly.”

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This is far from the first time that Cher accused members of the GOP of killing people. Last year, she claimed that Republicans in Congress are “accessories to genocide” after they didn’t challenge Trump’s decision to pull troops out of northern Syria. She has previously accused Trump of being a “murderer,” compared him to Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler, and described him as a “cancer ravaging our nation.”

Cher is just embarrassing herself at this point by flaunting her ignorant political views. It takes a special level of narcissism to think that her success in the entertainment world makes her an authority on politics. Cher should really stick to music, and leave the politics up to people who actually know what they’re talking about.

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