Dwayne Henry is a luxury real estate agent from Los Angeles, California who was recently out for a drive in his vintage Mercedes-Benz when things unfortunately took a turn for the worse. Just when things were looking the most dire, however, Henry was stunned when none other than Jay Leno came to the rescue!

Henry appeared on “The Glenn Beck Program” this past week to recount what happened last Sunday, when he was driving around West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip with his girlfriend. The couple had decided that a quick joyride was the perfect way to get some air in the era of social distancing, and all was going well until Henry began experiencing mechanical issues with the car’s brakes.

Henry immediately pulled over to assess the situation and call a tow truck. Minutes later, while Henry and his girlfriend were still waiting for the tow truck, late night legend Jay Leno pulled up in a Tesla to see how he could help.

“While I’m waiting [for the tow truck], this little Tesla pulls up. Jay Leno gets out of the car,” Henry recalled. Leno asked if the couple was having car trouble, to which Henry responded, “I think I’m having some brake issues here, I’m not really sure.” He added that Leno told him to pop the hood of the vintage vehicle to give it a once-over.

“Tow truck driver pulls up, my buddy Jimmy pulls up, they’re trying to figure out what the hell Jay is doing in the hood of my engine compartment working on the car,” Henry said. “He was looking at stuff, looking around. He turned around and asked if the tow truck driver had a wrench.”

The tow truck driver gave Leno a wrench, and the former host went about diagnosing the vehicle. “Jay’s looking around,” Henry said. “[He] takes the nut off to release…pressure where the brake fluid and all this stuff is, and kind of diagnosing the car, breaking stuff down, telling me this, showing me that, wants to know who worked on the car, told him who worked on my car. He goes, ‘Well, when you talk to the guy, tell him I think it’s this.’ You know, this brake issue.”

“It was so surreal,” Henry continued. “I’m looking at Jay, literally in my engine compartment with a wrench, working on my car.”

Beck wasn’t too surprised by this Leno story given his own history with the former late night host. He recalled that Leno had previously invited him, his wife, and their two young children to visit his personal garage, which housed Bugattis at the time.

“He took the kids for probably 15 minutes and was driving them around in some of the cool electric cars from the turn of the century,” Beck remembered. “This guy is the real deal. I really like him.” Check out the full interview below!