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AOC: Illegal immigrants detained by ICE ‘have not committed a crime’

No modern-day Democrat has ever been interested in the truth when it comes to illegal immigration.

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During a recent livestream discussion, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) made the bizarre assertion that illegal immigrants detained by ICE “have not committed a crime.”

The New York Democrat was commenting on President Donald Trump’s plan to suspend immigration in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic currently gripping the nation. “If he is gonna do this for public health reasons, we need to be suspending these deportations right now,” she countered. Ocasio-Cortez then made the claim that illegals currently being detained have committed no crime. No, they’ve just been locked up on “procedural issues.”

“By the way these ice detention centers – people are being locked up in these detention centers – they have not committed a crime,” she claimed without evidence. “They’re being locked up for simple issues, right? Procedural issues.”

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First of all, AOC is accusing ICE of unlawful imprisonment—a very serious accusation. Second, no, not “right” at all. They’re being locked up because, as the label “illegal immigrant” or “illegal alien” implies, they’ve engaged in an activity that is…illegal!

Do you think illegal immigrants should be given a free pass?

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This is the kind of mindset that allows liberals to tout “studies” which purport that “undocumented” immigrants commit crimes at a lower rate than native-born citizens. The only possible way to report that illegal immigrants commit less crime is to completely ignore the fact that by entering the country illegally, they’ve committed a crime.

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Taking that into account means 100 percent of illegal immigrants —hence the word “illegal”— have committed at least one crime. The proof and evidence is by virtue of their very presence upon American soil…without the provision of legal documentation to support said presence.

Not in AOC’s world: To this open-borders, anti-American legislator, they’ve done nothing wrong.

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Facts are not something Ocasio-Cortez is interested in, however. She doesn’t want to hear about crimes being committed—she’d rather whistle through the graveyard. Former Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Acting Director Tom Homan has released a book in which he says the key point is to get readers to understand illegal immigration is not a victimless crime.

Homan points out that even those illegal aliens who enter the country with the best intentions, many have to pay a drug cartel or smuggling organization to get them across the border. Which means they’re funding violent organizations based in criminal enterprising.

The facts Homan lays out in the book aren’t going to please people like Ocasio-Cortez. “When you read this book, Nancy Pelosi is not going to like it, AOC is not going to like it,” he warned. “The people on the far left of the game are not going to like it.” But then, no modern-day Democrat has ever been interested in the truth when it comes to illegal immigration.

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