Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a sad puppy. Her squeaky voice, $700 shoes, and high telegenics serve to make her only a sideline player, not the prog leader of the masses she sees herself as in the fever swamp she calls a brain.

Now even some of the Left are wise to her game and in her hometown. The New York Daily News’ Sunday editorial, “Enemy of the Good: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Makes the Wrong Choice,” made a point of highlighting the fact that the socialist member of Congress was the only Democrat House member to vote against the latest coronavirus relief package. It was alright for the likes of Maxine Waters and Hank Johnson. Just not left-wing enough for AOC.

“My concern is that we are giving away the farm,” the junior high school sounding Ocasio-Cortez said. “I cannot go back to my communities and tell them to just wait for CARES four because we have now passed three, four pieces of legislation that’s related to coronavirus. And every time it’s the next one, the next one, the next one, and my constituents are dying.”

Sadly, they are. And the entire nation has been made to pay for it. For two states, New York and New Jersey, the economy has temporarily bought the farm. You’d think that would be enough for AOC. Think again.

The New York Daily News hits her befuddled argument: “Yeah: The first aid bill didn’t go far enough. Nor did the second. Nor did the third. The fourth didn’t get there either, but the response to crises happen in steps. If everyone said no to each massive package because it didn’t go all the way, we’d all be even deader in the water.”

From that usually less than august publication, a small bit of common sense. A whispered “Bravo” to them. And for AOC? More meaningless chatter, as the bill became law and she was once more left out in the cold. Maybe she can buy an overpriced sweater to warm herself up. I hear Barneys is having quite a sale.