Winona Ryder compares MAGA and Trump to Nazis

The not very bright actress said the president has brought on a time like Germany in the 1930s.

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Another Hollywood actress, this time 80s has-been Winona Ryder, has complained we live in Nazi Germany. The thought that if we did she would be in a concentration camp seems to have escaped the simpleminded C-level celebrity.

“Obviously, a lot has been weighing on all of our minds. The whole fear of ‘the other’ in the eyes of fascism, what’s happening at the border, all of that is so outrageous and I think the last few years has been such a mind boggling-like nightmare in so many ways,” Ryder said. “When I think about this project, it makes me want to speak out and do whatever I can and the way to do that right now is to vote.”

Yes, Hitler had to deal with a hostile Reichstag to get his border wall passed. Such is the depth of Ryder’s thinking. Her tiny ability for cognition has been set to politics because she is involved in a typical Hollywood project that compares today to Nazi Germany, even using the “America First” slogan as a motto of the fictitious American fascist regime. That “The Man in the High Castle” just did that scenario, American fascism in the 40s, is a testament to the originality of the concept.

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The director of the semi-plagiarized series goes even further. “We know what happened in WWII, we know what the Holocaust was, we know what ‘America first’ meant in 1940 and what was at stake. The ‘othering’ that’s going on right now in this country quite obviously is the misuse and abuse of people of color, black and brown people, immigrants, people from Muslim countries, people who are Islamic. That’s now the cohort that is fundamentally happening in America.”

So the death camps are working overtime to destroy the president’s enemies. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) must have hidden them well and away from the eyes of the press, the people, the Internet, satellites, the military, the police, the…you get the drift. The sheer ignorance and stupidity of Ryder in this regard is staggering. Not to mention the difficulty her director has in putting together a coherent sentence in the English language.

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And the term “misuse” is interesting here. Just how should they be “used” by Hollywood types? No doubt as gardeners and cooks, in their thinking. Which is a primary reason they oppose Trump. He is ruining their supply of cheap domestic labor, whom they can treat badly and report to ICE if they get out of line.

Such are the tender mercies and historical logic that motivate Ryder and her ilk. Thank God America knows better.

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