After this is all over, many of us will think of our lives in the sense of before the coronavirus and after the coronavirus. The same is likely the case with Joe Biden and the Democrats.

Biden was riding a wave of victories after South Carolina and Super Tuesday before this thing hit and affected all our lives. He had soundly beaten Bernie Sanders, stopped the socialists from overtly taking over the Democrats, and was well on his way to winning at the Milwaukee convention in July.

But all that has changed. The coronavirus, and the president’s efficient response, has thrown Joe off the airwaves. Bernie Sanders has refused to give up, Biden’s coronavirus responses have been disastrous, and several primaries have been postponed, thus putting in jeopardy Biden’s momentum and delegate totals.

Out of all these, his coronavirus responses have damaged him the most. Many of you have seem them. Biden’s presentation is confused, vague, and frankly embarrassing to himself and the Democrats. Thus the questions arises: What can the Democratic Party do about it?

It’s too late to mount a rebel candidacy and even if party types tried, Sanders and his troops would scream bloody murder. The only move left to any anti-Biden forces has to happen at the convention.

And that’s where the coronavirus comes in. First, will there be a regular convention? Rumor in DC says no. It will be replaced or postponed until September or October.

Second, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is making a name for himself with Democrats (GOP voters are not so gullible) on his coronavirus response. So, will a coup happen, Cuomo replacing Biden at the top of the ticket?

At this point, unless Biden has a complete and utter public meltdown, not likely. Why?

Again, Sanders would go nuts and claim, as the strongest also-ran, the nod is his. Cuomo knows Trump is surging in the polls and doesn’t want to give up an increasingly powerful governorship for a chancy shot at the White House.

Also, Cuomo knows as he gains Democrat creds, his 2024 shot at the Democratic Party nod looks better and better. His decision could change if the economy or the Trump coronavirus response totally tanks or, more importantly, is perceived to have tanked.

Do you think the Democrats have an electable candidate?

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So, we’ll all watch and wait. This story is far from over, for the country and for the Democrats.