What if New York and California controlled the presidency?

Save Our States is fighting to stop that, secure the Electoral College, and protect our Republic.

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The very thought is scary.

What if the bicoastal leftist elites had a stranglehold on the White House? They could if their plan to replace the Electoral College with a presidential election outcome solely based on the popular vote were to come to fruition.

Then big states and cities, like New York and California and their large populations, would decide who is president and the smaller states, which are in the majority, would be left out of the process. You can imagine what that would mean for the future of America.

A group that is fighting to keep the Republic safe from the rule of only the large states is Save Our States. Their founder, Trent England, who LifeZette met at CPAC, recently spoke to us about his group and its mission.

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“The American Founders gave us the Electoral College so we won’t be controlled by a few big states or giant cities. Because it works, the Left wants to get rid of it. Or, to be exact, they want to hijack it with the National Popular Vote interstate compact (NPV),” said England.

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“NPV is clever—it would force the Electoral College to rubber stamp the national popular vote, so candidates like Al Gore and Hillary Clinton never lose again. Big city politicians like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would have a much better shot at winning the White House. And NPV would unleash voter fraud.”

He continued: “Right now, the Electoral College contains any election disputes within individual states. NPV would make it so that fraud in one city could steal the whole election. When I created Save Our States, it looked like NPV was going to steamroll its way into effect before 2016. Thankfully, we stopped them in most states where we engaged. But now they’re doubling down and so we’re looking for even more allies to help us defend the Electoral College and protect the integrity of presidential elections.”

This is a good fight and one that is vital to keep our political system fair and balanced. Save Our States has stopped the NPV for 2016, as the popular vote only adherents do not have enough states supporting the effort to garner a presidential majority. Even if they did, the question would surely go to review by the Supreme Court.

The NPV is just another move by the Left to win any way they can. Save Our States is in the forefront of the fight to stop them.

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