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U.S. border will be wide open under a Biden administration

All of Trump's accomplishments on immigration will be reversed.

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As we write this there is a conflict taking place on the Greek border with Turkey. Potentially millions of Middle Eastern war refugees from Syria and other places are making their way to that border to try to get into Europe. Turkey may open the gate.

As they did in 480BC at Thermopylae, the Greeks are holding that gate for Europe against invasion. The Eastern Europeans have promised to help the Greeks. But the battle is far from over.

That will look like a summer picnic if Joe Biden is elected and the U.S. southern border is thrown open wide; millions of Central Americans who want to leave their poor and violent homes will rush to Mexico to use it as a bridge to the United States.

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On the very day Joe Biden would take the oath of office the exodus will begin. The word will go out: the Americans will take everybody and anybody. Whole communities of migrants will pick up stakes and get on the road to the land of —now that the Democrats have been elected to the presidency— free healthcare, tuition, and welfare. The successful consequences of Manifest Destiny, the Mexican-American War, and the American settling of the West will be on their way to complete reversal.

The Mexicans will try to stop the massive onslaught. But they have neither the manpower nor resources to do it. The illegal immigrant caravans will make their way north through Mexico, leaving violence, turmoil, and possibly disease in their wake.

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Some of the border wall will have been built by Trump. But it won’t be enough. There will be massive gaps and the migrants will surge through. The Border Patrol will be overwhelmed and, like Benghazi, they will plead for help. Like Benghazi, no help will arrive. They will be inundated and overrun.

After months of this and perhaps hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of migrants, Biden will panic and try and stop the flow. It will be too late and America, especially the Southwest, will be politically, culturally, and economically changed forever.

And not for the better.

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