We knew it was coming. Now that the Democrats and their Silicon Valley pals think Joe Biden will be going up against the president in the fall, they have started blatantly censoring Biden’s gaffes. This is after years of editing Trump quotes to, unsuccessfully, make him look racist, sexist, etc.

The latest development is that Twitter has flagged and dropped coverage of the latest Biden mistake, when he inadvertently endorsed Trump for re-election. Fox News reports the Trump campaign fired back.

“The Biden campaign is scared as hell that voters will see the flood of unedited and embarrassing verbal stumbles that will continue to go viral if ‘Status Quo Joe’ is the nominee,” said Trump campaign rapid response director Andrew Clark. “Twitter shouldn’t be an enforcement arm of Joe Biden’s campaign strategy, but if they choose to police every video clip they must hold his own campaign to the same standard.”

A top Trump aide went for Twitter’s jugular.

“Understandably, the Biden campaign has a strategic interest in intimidating social media companies into suppressing true and embarrassing video evidence of Joe Biden’s continued inability to communicate coherently—a sad truth that has been publicly noted by Democrats and media figures alike,” Trump campaign chief operating officer Michael Glassner wrote in the missive to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, general counsel Vijaya Gadde, and public policy director Carlos Monje.”

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“Still, it appears that many people employed by Big Tech corporations in Silicon Valley are assisting the Biden campaign by instituting a special ‘Biden protection rule’ that effectively censors and silences legitimate political speech Biden’s campaign and its supporters do not like, Glassner added in the letter, obtained by Fox News.”

The Trump campaign CEO then reminded people how the media manipulated the president’s words after the Charlottesville march, trying to make it seem that Trump approved of white nationalism. After the march, Trump initially said there were good people on both sides. And then…

“In fact, 49 seconds after President Trump said those words, he said, ‘and I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists, because they should be condemned totally,’ Glassner wrote. “As one CNN anchor said, ‘he’s not saying that the neo-Nazis and white supremacists are very fine people[.]’.”

When CNN has to correct the rest of the media on Donald Trump, you know there’s a problem. We’re going to see a lot more problems like this right up until Election Day.