Trump blames Warren for Sanders failure

The president is again adding fuel to the Democrat civil war.

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As the Democratic primary season will likely come to an end soon with a Biden victory, the president is getting in his last first-phase divide and conquer licks before he switches to undermining Democratic unity by reminding Bernie and his supporters of their losses. He will do this all the way until November.

This time Trump picked out a convenient target, the not much loved by Sanders Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. He blames her for Sanders’ loss of the Democratic nomination.

If you look at the numbers, and the Sanders people have, they see that the president is right in his contention that if Warren would have dropped out a month ago, after New Hampshire when it was obvious she was going nowhere and only splitting the Left’s vote, Sanders could have probably edged out Biden in several races and Bernie would be closer, if not leading Biden, in the delegate count today.

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Instead, she stayed and wasted time and money, just inadvertently hurting Sanders.

The president, and Sanders by now, has likely come to another conclusion that is shared by analysts on both sides of the aisle. The Warren campaign was fueled by mainly one thing: The overwhelming narcissism of the candidate.

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Recall for a minute (I know it is annoying) her campaign demeanor. Hardly ever a smile. No jokes. She made Mike Bloomberg look like Jerry Seinfeld. What Liz Warren showed to a national audience was a hard, screeching, self-obsessed politician with an absurd messianic complex.

The Left is like that. Not all of them, but a good number. As they have substituted a cold hard antiquated ideology for the more human pursuits of existence, they are at their core conformist machines. They attract people who are defined by their unhealthy interest in the lives of others. Since they cannot comprehend anyone who does not share their ideas, such is their level of actual tolerance, they lash out like an inquisition interrogator at those who dare to challenge their ugly precepts.

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Biden will have to deal with them as part of his team and the president will use their ingrained suspicion of Biden to make them a headache to the Democrat effort.

So thank you, Liz Warren. For so many unintentional reasons, we on the Right owe you one, again.

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