Coming from a military family, Frank Quagliano (pictured below) knew the importance not only of serving his country, but of also serving those who had done so in uniform. The mission isn’t over for this amazing group of people and they refuse to leave anyone behind.

Soldier Solutions Team
Frank Quagliano along side a few veteran Soldier Solutions team members

His company, Soldier Solutions, does that by providing jobs and by offering a host of items for sale that keep the military spirit alive and thriving.

Their undertaking simply stated, is this, “Our mission at Soldier Solutions LLC is to provide work for as many veterans and patriotic Americans within our community as well as helping veteran owned businesses around the United States to grow, allowing them to provide work for even more veterans themselves. Through the patriotic apparel companies that we represent, it is also our goal to help spread awareness for combat wounded and the struggles that they face and assist by providing funding for service dogs through the Operation Companion initiative.”

Let’s talk about Operation Companion.

As an Army vet myself, and as someone who has run a homeless shelter for U.S. military veterans, I know the vital importance of unit cohesion and team spirit. But the challenges vets face out in the civilian world are myriad. Undergoing those crucibles alone can drive many vets to homelessness, addiction, and worse.

Soldier Solutions just doesn’t talk a good game about this issue, they do something about it.

Soldier SolutionsThrough Operation Companion, where deserving vets at absolutely no cost to themselves are provided with a service dog by a 100% non-profit operation, Soldier Solutions alleviates loneliness and instills in vets a sense of teamwork with their service dog. It also provides valuable lessons in responsibility and commitment, as the vets are completely responsible for the animals, with generous support from Soldier Solutions and, the non-profit that provides the dogs, TADSAW (Train a Dog, Save a Warrior).

Understanding that vets suffering from PTSD need that kind of emotional support, TADSAW has helped over 1,300 vets change their lives for the better. I’ve personally seen, as at the shelter I ran we had a similar program, what the therapeutic value is in the kind of work they do. It can truly make the difference between the successful recovery of a vet from the challenges they face or a further sinking into the abyss of despondency and dependency.

Soldier Solutions not only helps vets that way, but currently employs 18 vets. Their mission of building up the lives of vets by getting them back to work is the essence of a viable program that instills and restores the kind of self-confidence and work ethic that these brave men and women had when they wore their nation’s uniform. By also working with vet-owned firms, they support the larger national veterans community.

Soldier Solutions
Image Credit: Soldier Solutions, LLC

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On a more casual note, Soldier Solutions sells items online that cater to the taste and wallet of every veteran. I had a chance to browse their online inventory and I can tell you there is a lot of great stuff. From shirts, tank tops, hoodies, hats, and eye-wear for both men and women, to other items, Soldier Solutions understands the buying habits of vets and our need to show pride in service and to support a patriotic message.

Soldier SolutionsTheir items are reasonably priced and well made. I particularly liked the paracord bracelet (I grew up at Fort Bragg), the 2nd Amendment flag (pictured right), these days more than ever that message needs to be heard, and the .50 cal bullet bottle opener called a “bottle breacher” (pictured below.)

The description of the .50 cal church key is near and dear to the heart of any veteran, “VINTAGE .50 CALIBER BULLET BOTTLE OPENER – Our Vintage .50 cal bullet bottle opener is our un-polished version of the Bottle Breacher. Perfect for Father’s Day, Wedding Anniversary, Groomsmen Gifts, Graduation & Stocking Stuffers! Whether used for decorative display, at special events, or as your everyday bottle opener; Bottle Breacher’s engraved bottle opener gifts are sure to impress your friends and get people talking.”

Soldier Solutions
Image Credit: Soldier Solutions, LLC

Can you imagine hanging out with your pals and pulling out this baby? For vets it will bring back memories of the firing range and the first time they ever, if they had the chance, fired the .50 cal. I did. I can tell you it’s a hell of a ride. After you explain what it is to non-vets, the conversation gets even more interesting.

Their t-shirts have some awesome designs and proudly show support for our military and first-responders. Wearing their ‘United We Stand‘ t-shirt (pictured above) will make it abundantly clear to the world that you proudly support our nations’ dispatch, fire departments, emergency medical services, law enforcement, military and corrections officers.

Their all-new ‘These Colors Don’t Run, They RELOAD‘ t-shirt (pictured above) showcases the power of the 2nd amendment and American’s raw gut when put in corner. We don’t back down and come out fighting every single time. #Merica’

Soldier Solutions proudly stands by our nations’ military and first-responders.

Please consider supporting them through a purchase of patriotic gear today! It supports vets when and where they need it most, it helps to provide service dogs to vets who will use the dogs to get their lives back into shape, and they sell great items and gifts that vets and non-vets alike will enjoy.

Use the promo code ‘SMALLBIZ25‘ to get 25% off your purchase today!

Soldier Solutions
Image Credit: Soldier Solutions, LLC

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