Sanders inadvertently defends capitalism during Democratic debate

He was so eager to get Biden he forgot his socialism.

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A funny thing happened to Bernie Sanders Sunday night at the Democratic debate in DC. For one brief shining moment —he must have been thinking about upcoming summer fun at one of his three homes— he seemed to understand how the free market has been one of the greatest things ever to happen to mankind.

He may have even, for a millisecond, kenned its moral good and its ability to bring more basic needs and even happiness to more of mankind than any other economic system. Was there an imposter on stage? Probably not.

What happened was that, in the middle of a hit on Joe Biden, Sanders so got into the thrill of the hunt that he cast leftish ideology aside and went for Joe’s jugular, the former veep’s memory and command of facts.

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In the give and take of a question, Biden had claimed that capitalism had not benefited much of China. For a man who claims to be a foreign policy maven, that’s a helluva assertion. That left it to the socialist to correct the record. But Sanders couldn’t do so unless he implicitly admitted to the redemptive and dynamic quality of capitalism. He was caught in a bind. But for only a moment. Incredibly, he called out Biden on his confusion and scored a point with some who noticed.

But what does that say about Sanders? Does he harbor some secret comprehension, maybe even affection, for the free market? Unlikely. Like all wannabe politburo members he likes it as far as it can deliver luxury to himself and his family. It is limited to that. For the rest of us, we non-vanguards of the proletariat, it is strictly forbidden.

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He slipped because he wants to salvage something out of his second defeat for the Democratic nomination. Proving Biden is a slow-learner makes for something, as it must gall Sanders to be losing to a sock puppet like Joe.

But it won’t suffice to take the place of winning. Neither for him, and neither for his minions come July in Milwaukee.

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