During this trying time made more difficult by some governors, mayors, county executives, police chiefs, and sheriffs who are exploiting the coronavirus crisis to advance leftist, anti-gun political agendas, it’s important we recognize those public servants who still protect people’s constitutional rights.

One of these public officials is Sheriff William “Bill” Gore of San Diego County, California. He’s run the sheriff’s department since 2009. According to his agency’s website, his department is one of the largest in America, with 4,300 employees, 4,400 square miles to patrol, and has a 60-mile border with Mexico.

NBC 7 San Diego reported on a recent news conference where “Sheriff Bill Gore said gun shops provide a ‘valuable public service’ during the coronavirus pandemic and will be allowed to remain open, even though they are not included in the state government’s list of ‘essential businesses.’”

Sheriff Gore also said “county residents have a legitimate right to buy and possess guns.” One of his concerns is that firearms buyers desperate to buy guns in these uncertain times might resort to “black market” purchases. He believes gun shops remaining open limit that possibility because legitimate gun dealers conduct background checks of buyers.

Still, it was disappointing to hear that Sheriff Gore also believes the situation is “fluid,” and implied, after speaking with state law enforcement officials, he could change his mind. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

For constitutional rights, having to consult with someone else to “decide” what you believe about the Second Amendment, which is pretty straightforward (though you’d never know it the way anti-gun rights forces have tortured it over the years), is disheartening. However, Sheriff Gore’s initial instincts seem spot on. I’m hoping he sticks with those.