On top of her recent praise of President Donald Trump’s “incredible” response to the coronavirus, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has also called for a nationalization of hospitals, for freeing criminals held by ICE, and has criticized an innocent family video shared by Ivanka Trump. The video encouraged following health guidelines.

Omar also wants a deportation freeze and more taxpayer cash to fund programs for illegal aliens who may enter the United States.

Warming to her major themes, on Thursday Omar called for a national lockdown of all Americans for an indefinite period. She, like the rest of the Left, understands people trapped in their own cages are easier to control.

The Trump administration is very unlikely to take her advice, as the president has said there are areas in the country less affected by the coronavirus that could return to a sense of normalcy relatively soon, perhaps within weeks.

Omar also said America lacked a “functioning healthcare system.”

Say that to the thousands of doctors, nurses, medical aides, PAs, and other medical and healthcare personnel who are working around the clock at considerable danger to themselves to stop the spread of this virus.

Tell that to their families who haven’t seen them for days or longer. Explain to little kids why their moms and dads have to be away from home for long periods when those kids themselves are scared of the coronavirus and its consequences.

And finally, tell Americans who every hour are being saved by the actions of doctors and nurses that they live in a country that lacks “a functioning healthcare system.”

Our medical service heroes both in and out of uniform are constantly at risk of serious fatigue, mental and physical burnout, and infection. Many of them are giving this fight everything they have.

To even think of insulting those brave people right now is about as low as a person can get. But it’s par for the course for Ilhan Omar.