Regardless of the Democrat nominee, they will bring a jobless economic crash

If either Biden or Sanders is elected get ready for a recession, if not much worse.

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It is not a coincidence that many of those who are on the very lower rungs of the American economy vote Democrat. They have been programmed to see themselves as victims of greedy businessmen. Their subsequent hatred and bitterness towards the free market and the Protestant work ethic robs them of economic initiative. President Trump has done much to improve this, and many are working now that only a few years ago were consigned to the Democrat economic dust-heap.

The victim attitude among the poor is actively encouraged, ironically, by the rich white men who own and run the Democrats. Poor bitter people are easier to manipulate through their hate and resentment. Successful people tend to think for themselves. Thus, a faltering economy and joblessness are a political boon to the Democrats. If Biden or Sanders is elected they will move to make that a reality.

A Biden or Sanders regime will quickly make sure to reverse all of Trump’s economic gains. They will do this under the names of “fairness” and “equality” and the Democrats will promise never-ending prosperity. It will spectacularly backfire on them. Under Biden it may be partially unintentional. Under Sanders it will be very intentional, as part of an effort to bring socialism to every aspect of the U.S. economy and national life.

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Biden will raise taxes on everyone, but especially on the successful. Business owners will respond by ordering less inventory and then laying people off. Those now unemployed people will have less to spend and that will have a vicious circular effect, bringing the whole economy down like falling dominoes.

A Sanders administration will mandate the sweeping nationalization of the American economy and healthcare system. They may or may not get it through Congress. But, like a true socialist, he will try to enforce his edicts by force.

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At first, many will welcome all the “free” new offerings of socialism. But as store and grocery shelves empty, though not in the DC area, the bloom will come off the rose. What Americans do after that, when they may not be able to feed themselves and their children, is anybody’s guess.

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But whatever it is, it will not be pretty and may provoke actions far past the mere political. That is how vital this November election is going to be. A vote for President Trump is a vote to protect and preserve America. A vote for Sanders or Biden is a vote to cripple it.

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