Mike Pence coming into his own

He's been seen as mostly a team player. He's more than that now.

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Few people outside of the screaming meemie Left do not like Mike Pence. He’s like that reliable guy you know from work who is a straight shooter and always gets the job done right. Plus, he looks like Race Bannon from “Johnny Quest.”

You’re glad he’s around but you usually don’t give much thought to him. Until things get sporty and you know you’re lucky to have a guy in the mix who makes Dick Cheney look like a blubbering pajama boy.

If you’ve watched Pence’s performance during the recent coronavirus White House briefings, you’ve seen they have been more than reassuring. The grownups are in charge and Pence is the man leading them. True, the president is CBO to his CEO. But Trump gave the mission to Pence for a reason. That presidential decision is paying off.

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When we are out of this situation, say in a month, what will be the effect on Pence’s image and political future? Both enhanced.

With all the talk of Nikki Haley and others in 2024, the veep has been quiet. Though he would be the traditional heir apparent, as Bush the Elder was to Reagan. The conventional wisdom goes: Who wants an old white guy from the Midwest with the high-voltage excitement level of Ward Cleaver when the party can pick from a stable of more politically attractive candidates, at least in the modern sense?

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However, that’s just it. When things take a turn for the intense are we still looking for the proper demographics or have our gazes turned to the ultra-competent, to the cool-under-fire leader at the helm?

Given Pence’s performance so far in the coronavirus matter, I’m betting some who discounted his appeal before may be taking a second look. Because a glamourous image and great press are really nice, until the fit hits the shan.

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