Michigan primary on Tuesday is key test for Biden and Sanders

Biden could shut the door to Sanders even harder. Sanders needs a comeback.

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Another week and another Democratic primary takes place. This time the only two men left standing are Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. Biden can almost bury Sanders in Tuesday’s Michigan primary. The Sanders campaign is gasping for air. They may not find it in Michigan.

In the context of the Democratic primaries, most has been good for Joe Biden as of late. His South Carolina and Super Tuesday comeback story is paying dividends in good press and increased funding flowing into his campaign coffers.

Sanders is struggling. From his endorsement by Jane Fonda to his falling poll numbers, this is the almost spring of his discontent. He is hoping Michigan arrests that trend.

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Michigan can be an odd state politically. It is Democrat at times and GOP at times. It used to be a solid liberal auto union Democrat state. But in 1972, ultraconservative and segregationist candidate George Wallace swept to victory in the Democratic primary against a host of liberal contenders. The state sends many Democrats to Congress, yet went for Donald Trump in 2016. Reagan had his 1980 convention there.

Democrat voters there tend to be economically liberal but socially conservative, and that includes black voters. But the Democratic Party has changed considerably since 1972, and the socialist surge has had an effect in Michigan and in Democratic politics across the nation.

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Can those socially conservative auto union members hold off the hordes of toddlers and social justice warrior types that will go to the polls for Sanders? If they can then there will be a further nail in the coffin of the Sanders effort.

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But Democrats beware: a cornered animal can be wild and vicious if it thinks it has nothing to lose. The Sanders people could make a large fuss at the Milwaukee convention by alleging all types of misdeeds by Biden and the Democrat machine.

If they feel they have been robbed in any way, the national spectacle of the prime-time hijinks of Sanders supporters will be mortifying to their ticket and bring a large smile to the face of the president of the United States.

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