Michael Moore blasts ‘frightened’ Dems – Says they’re going with Biden just to get rid of Trump

The major anti-Trump advocate wants the president defeated, but doesn't believe Biden is the man for the job.

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Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, who is known for his strong liberal views, just let loose on Democrats, saying that former Vice President Joe Biden only won the majority of the delegates on yesterday’s Super Tuesday because “frightened” leftist voters just want to get rid of President Donald Trump.

While appearing on MSNBC during the leftwing network’s primary coverage, Moore held nothing back as he aired his frustrations about how the day played out. As a supporter of Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Moore made it clear that the day could not have gone worse for him, according to Breitbart News:

“This has been an incredible movement of people across the country, and it’s been very exciting to be supporting Bernie…He would say we’ve been supporting some ideas and policies in this movement to try and create a better country, not go backward, not be nostalgic about the past, of the things that were okay before Trump. But I think Trump has just pummeled this country so badly, and I know — I mean, you know. I lived in Michigan. So I’m familiar with how people feel. They’re frightened. They’re demoralized. There is a malaise that has spread across this country and certainly throughout Michigan, and people can’t take one more day of this.”

Not stopping there, Moore went on to say that while he also wants to do whatever it takes to get rid of Trump, he does not think Biden is the best option to make that happen.

“The fact that this coronavirus has driven home just how much danger we’re in with this individual in the White House, that I think people just didn’t want to —asking people to do two things, get rid of Trump and get rid of the system, political and economic system that gave us Trump, that I think was too much to ask probably for people who are just like, can we just get rid of Trump? Please? And I understand that. You know, the hope is that when you get rid of something that’s bad, you can also replace it with something that’s going to move us forward.

And I think that that’s what Bernie is trying to do. That’s what he’s been trying to do in terms of your question about the path forward. It’s a question really you should ask him. I know what I would advise him to do. I would look at the board of the great Kornacki over there and say, wow, what is it now, 790-something delegates for Biden? You need 1,991, so that’s about 1,200 short. The game isn’t over. All the other states who haven’t had a chance to have their say should have their say.”

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This perfectly sums up the divide that is plaguing the Democratic Party right now, and it may just cost them the election come November. The Democratic establishment has spent years catering to the radical far left in the hopes of obtaining their votes, and it has now come back to bite them, as the crazies will only be satisfied if their candidate of choice (Sanders) wins the nomination. Should Sanders not be the nominee, it is going to be difficult if not impossible to get the bulk of his supporters to show up and vote for Biden, who has failed to win them over at all.

The more radicals like Moore talk like this, the greater the Democratic divide will become, which will only better Trump’s chances. Much to Moore’s dismay, he might turn out to be the ultimate secret weapon for Trump in 2020.

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