A former McDonald’s employee is now facing a felony charge after she allegedly spit on a hamburger and rubbed a bun on the floor before serving it to a police officer.

Tatyana Hargrove, 22, was arrested back in November in Bakersfield, California after she allegedly spit on the hamburger bun and rubbed it across the floor while preparing an order for a uniformed cop at the McDonald’s drive-thru, according to KGET-TV. Hargrove allegedly shouted “Black lives matter” and “f*** the pigs” during the incident.

Deputy Carly Snow, who was the investigating officer, told the court that Hargrove confessed to screaming these profanities because she knew that the hamburger was going to be served to a police officer. Thankfully, the officer who was served the hamburger did not become sick from eating it.

Hargrove is now facing a felony charge of willfully poisoning food. Lexi Blythe, Hargrove’s defense attorney, argued that there is not enough evidence to prove that the young woman actually meant to poison the food, as the felony charge states. She cited the facts that it is not known when chemical cleaning products were last used on the floor, and that Hargrove’s back was turned away from surveillance cameras as reasons why the charges should be dropped.

Gina Pearl, who is prosecuting the case, wasn’t having any of it. She argued that another employee overheard Hargrove drawing saliva into her mouth while she made the burger, indicating that she knew exactly what she was about to do. Surveillance footage also shows Hargrove wiping her mouth after the incident.

When asked if saliva is technically a harmful substance, Hargrove replied, “My position is saliva is absolutely a harmful substance. Look [at] what’s going on in the world right now with coronavirus.”

Hargrove had previously filed a lawsuit against the Bakersfield Police Department in 2017 claiming that she was a victim of police brutality. The case went to trial, but the jury ended up ruling in favor of the police department.

Unfortunately, incidents like this are becoming increasingly common these days after the left has spent the past few years demonizing police officers. Cops now have to show up to work every day knowing that they might end up being disrespected and attacked by the very Americans that they are putting their lives on the line to protect.

We’re glad to see that this young woman is having to face the consequences for her actions in court, and we can only hope that the judge throws the book at her.