[LISTEN] Biden’s former Senate staffer comes forward with graphic ‘sexual assault’ allegation against him

This allegation (sadly) will likely only be a small ripple in a much bigger pond, but her story has a ring of truth to it—the details she gives, the way she tells the story, and her willingness to come forward.

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Remember last year when Lucy Flores came forward and said that Joe Biden had sniffed her hair and kissed her head right before they walked out on stage for a campaign event? Flores was running for lieutenant governor in Nevada and her race wasn’t looking all that good, so she welcomed help from former Vice President Joe Biden.

Biden’s team offered to bring him to a campaign rally in an effort to help boost voter turnout. And it was at this event when Biden got inappropriate with Ms. Flores, according to her side of the story.

Flores, a Bernie supporter, was shot down last year when she tried to tell her story at the start of the primary season. She was called “partisan” and “political” and the whole thing was swept under the rug after Biden made a video and promised to be more “respectful” of women’s spaces in this new “age” of #MeToo.

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During that time, a former Biden Senate staffer by the name of Tara Reade also tried to come forward and tell her story of sexual harassment by Joe Biden, in an effort to back up the claims of Ms. Flores.

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Reade shared a similar story about Biden touching the back of her neck inappropriately, but before she could say much more about what happened to her, she was quickly shot down and called a “Russian agent.” Reade instantly backed off and slinked away, scared of being dragged through the mud by her own political party.

But, she’s back again, this time telling her entire story to reporter Katie Halper. I encourage you to listen to the allegation in her own words on the audio below, but I will set it up for you ahead of time:

Back around 1993, Ms. Reade was working as a staffer for Biden when her superior asked her to deliver a “gym bag” to Senator Biden.

She was told where she’d find Senator Biden, and when she met up with him (outside) they were alone in an area. She says he had her up against a “marble” wall, and he began kissing her and placed his hands under her skirt and “penetrated” her body with his fingers.

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You can listen to the recording below:

As a woman, I am always skeptical of these #MeToo-type stories, because —I’m sorry to be blunt— women do lie. A lot.

With that said, there was something about this accusation that rang true to me—and no, it’s not because Biden is a political foe. Trust me, there’s enough on Biden to bring him down: all of his scandals, love of China, groping women and kids videos, and dementia. This allegation (sadly) will likely only be a small ripple in a much bigger pond, but her story has a ring of truth to it—the details she gives, the way she tells the story, and her willingness to come forward even after being ruthlessly attacked by her own party once before.

Trust me: liberal women who “out” political men on the Left are not hailed as “heroes.” They have a long and hard road to tow. And my guess is Ms. Reade is in for another round of “Russian hell.”

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