The Florida Democratic primary is in less than ten days. For a chance at the Democratic nomination Bernie Sanders must do well there or face the continuing winning momentum of the Biden campaign.

Sanders’ favorable comments regarding the communist regime in Cuba will do him no favors. But the negative fallout from that is mostly limited to Republican Cubans who won’t be voting in that primary anyway.

However, there is a large Jewish Democrat voter base in Florida. Many of them quite liberal. There would have been some possibility of Sanders making inroads there. Given his endorsement by, and championship of, Democrat Reps Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, those chances have diminished considerably.

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I know of where I speak on this subject. Many years ago I got my start in South Florida politics volunteering in the primaries of both parties. The Democrats were much more moderate then and I worked in several of their efforts to understand how they fought campaigns, to better beat them in the future. It was a good education.

As I was also Jewish then, I had a chance to associate with many Florida Democrats who shared my faith. Yes, as I mentioned, they were liberal. But many drew the line at Israel and were moderate, if not outright national security conservatives, when it came to the Jewish state. I have, over the years, maintained my contacts in Florida on both sides of the aisle.

The Florida Democrats I have talked to share my analysis.

The profound and vile anti-semitism of both Omar and Tlaib does not play well with Florida Democrats of any faith. But as you may surmise, much less so with voters who lost grandparents, and in some cases parents, to the same kind of people who now back Bernie Sanders.

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It seems that for Sanders, socialism is his faith. That perception is not lost upon voters. When they go to the polls that will be on the minds of a good amount of them, Jew and gentile alike.

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Sanders will suffer from those odious associations and will likely receive a drubbing at the hands of Joe Biden. a man for all his myriad faults who does not seem to have the hatred in his heart and mind for Israel that Sanders, Omar, and Tlaib do.

In the context of the Democratic primaries, it will be a just reward for Sanders. One that hopefully is repeated, for the good of the nation, across the country.