Opinion: Establishment politics breeds hypocrisy and un-American values in government

Slimy politicians and political parties are on the move in 2020.

It is no secret in American politics that fundraising and the need for it while you’re in office drives who gets attention, what legislation gets drafted and supported through the process to get signed, and how much funds get appropriated for those laws.

But does it inherently create a hypocritical and un-American class of elected officials who will support policies they say they’re opposed to? Of course it does, and here’s one example funded by a pro-abortion lobbyist who brags about his pro-life credentials on his campaign website.

According to Defiance Press, Texas Congressman Kevin Brady’s campaign website advertises his endorsements by pro-life groups, a key component and badge of honor for a candidate seeking votes from conservative Republicans.

Strangely, Brady’s website doesn’t mention the lobbying firm that funds pro-abortion candidates like Kamala Harris and Cory Booker, a firm that has given his campaign over $17,000 dollars.

“You have to ask yourself, why would Brady accept campaign contributions from a lobbying firm who is funded by a fugitive from the law and secondly, why would he accept campaign contributions indirectly from a law firm that regularly sues the Trump Administration? More importantly, for a guy who is always touting his right-to-life credentials, apparently they don’t apply when it comes to accepting campaign contributions from a decidedly pro-abortion and anti-Second Amendment lobbying firm?” asked Brady’s GOP primary opponent, Kirk Osborn when contacted.

Of course, this kind of hypocrisy is not unusual for either party’s establishment candidates like Brady. After all, each time an omnibus budget funding resolution is passed, abortion factory Planned Parenthood never fails to get its share of the tax revenue pie even when the Republicans have control of the House of Representatives.

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Speaking of budgets, has anyone in power noticed we’ve added over a trillion dollars to the national debt under a Republican president and Senate since the Democrats lost those offices? For part of the time since President Trump was elected, he had a completely Republican Congress and the budget wasn’t brought under control. Why is that? Because American voters continue to buy the lies, that establishment Republicans aren’t really any different than establishment Democrats. It is time we start voting men and women into office for more reasons than the letter behind their name on the ballot.

Congressman Brady has earned an “F” Liberty Score per Conservative Review. According to their website, Brady earned his “F” rating by consistently voting for spending measures that did not fully de-fund government-sponsored funding to abortion clinics and his non-conservative voting record.

Is this what limited government and liberty voters really want from their elected officials? No.

So how do we regain control of our government and elect principled men and women to office who do what they say they’ll do when asking for our votes? For one thing, we can stop voting for people just because they have a lot of campaign cash or their own billion-dollar checking accounts.

For the casual observers out there, you’re seeing what both political parties’ establishment wings try to do, so don’t get any ideas that either party is above slimy moves to keep their establishment in power. If you folks in the Republican Party didn’t learn that lesson from the Trump campaign and his win, then you are not as smart as you think. They’re going to try and take Bernie’s nomination, and that’s just the way it is. Do I ever want him to be president? I absolutely do not, but he is the most popular pick among the Democratic Party base (which seriously favors socialism), as all the polling easily reveals every week.

My challenge to the rest of us who still believe in America’s foundational values, regardless of what political party we’re in, is to get out there and work to defeat the presumptive Democratic Party candidates up and down the ballot. Work hard, because the Bernie Bros sure are.

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Rob Maness is a retired Air Force Colonel, a former wing and squadron commander, veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, a survivor of the 9/11 Pentagon Attack, Board Member of Military-Veterans Advocacy, The Second Amendment Institute, WGI Global. and Host of the Rob Maness Show on LifeZetteTV.

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