Education system could further become Democrat indoctrination centers under Biden or Sanders

Many colleges are already leftist bastions. It could get much worse.

One only has to pick up a paper or read online to see what has become of American higher education. Most of the crazier ideas of PC and leftism have their genesis and then germinate in those coddled out-of-touch ivory towers.

The Trump rebellion against the PC culture has made little impact on many college campuses and they remain a bulwark against open thought and freedom of expression.

But if you think the situation is bad now, a Biden, or more so, a Sanders administration would accelerate the process of our colleges, universities, and even high schools becoming blatant centers of left-wing orthodoxy and indoctrination.

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And it won’t stop there.

We have all been aghast at pictures of elementary school story times featuring transvestites and others exposing small children to completely and utterly inappropriate displays of their alternative manner of living. An adult has the right to live generally as they wish. They do not have the right to try and indoctrinate small children into their own aberrant lifestyles. These are little kids who are far from properly dealing with questions of sexuality. To try to influence them by such presentations is certainly a form of child abuse.

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It is not the national norm now to tolerate such actions. It is to a large degree confined to liberal areas that mistake programming for tolerance. A Biden or Sanders administration would turn a blind eye to such matters, if not openly encourage the expansion of such practices.

At our colleges and universities, useless concentrations like gender studies and other esoteric and unmarketable academic programs would be encouraged and funded to an exorbitant level. Any sensible protest at that, as recent college graduates will not be able to get a job going door to door and telling people about third-wave feminism, will be met with cries of “sexism.”

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The aim of the educational programs of a new Democratic administration would be the normalization of the PC mindset and socialist theories in the vast majority of places of learning. The Left hopes this will pay political dividends down the road.

They must be stopped from reaping that dark malevolent profit at the expense of our children.

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