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Democrats kill oil buy for U.S. strategic reserve

It was stripped out of the coronavirus bill.

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With global oil prices at modern lows because of the Saudi-Russian price war you would think now would be a good time to top off the nation’s strategic oil reserves. If you saw the price of $1.00 a gallon at your local pump and you needed gas, you would fill up, right?

The oil reserve is the backup for industry, hospitals, the military, transportation, and other essential services. Especially in times of national crisis it would be a smart idea to keep it full, correct?

Not according to the Democrats.¬†They stripped $3 billion in funding for the strategic oil reserves from the funding in the coronavirus rescue bill, calling it a “bailout for big oil.”

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That term “big” is one of their usual tricks. Put the word in front of anything like “big pharma,” “big insurance,” and “big banks” and the Democrats think the American people will immediately demonize that group and let the Democrats proceed to injure them.

Then, extortionists that they are, the Democrats approach those groups and offer to lay off further attacks. For a price. That price is millions in campaign donations and easy unionization efforts in the affected industries. Some firms fight it. Most pay up.

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Including blackmail, the Democrats know exactly what they are doing. They fully realize that killing the oil for the reserve puts the nation in danger. They understand that we may soon have to draw on that reserve to meet the needs of the present crisis. They can see that now is a great time to buy because of the low global price of oil. The price of a barrel of West Texas Crude was $63.27 in January. It is just over $23 today.

The oil reserve purchase would have permitted the U.S. to purchase 77 million barrels of American-made crude oil, keeping oil industry jobs afloat.

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All those reasons are why the Democrats have knocked the funding out of the bill. They do this because they are consciously and intentionally out to hurt the nation. They believe Trump will be blamed for any problems and thus it will make it easier for them to win in November.

Putting their unquenchable thirst for power above what’s good for America and its people: it’s the modern Democrat way. Sadly, the GOP many times lets them get away with it.

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