After spending over $500 million dollars for about 110 delegates, that works out to $5 million per delegate, former New York mayor Mike Bloomberg decided Wednesday morning to quit the race and will endorse Joe Biden.

Bloomberg outspent and outgunned in media all the other candidates combined. But that did not make up for dismal personal ratings or a race that had the NYC nanny state stench to it from its inception.

His endorsement of Biden will not only mean Biden may eventually receive Bloomberg’s 100 plus delegates, but the former mayor will now no doubt put his $60 billion fortune at the behest of Biden and the Democrats.

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President Trump was badly outspent in 2016 and still won. Now, with the bully pulpit and attendant media of the presidency, that process will likely be repeated.

Bloomberg’s message of technocratic competence did not work well in a political party that counts left wing conformity and PC loyalty as its highest virtues. His managerial message fell flat with a party that destroys but never builds or leads.

His moderate demeanor and ideology did not find an audience with a party that requires screaming adherence to the hard left or at least, as in the case of Joe Biden, an inarticulate facsimile of such.