Joe Biden will likely win the Michigan primary on Tuesday. But something he said on the same day will come back to haunt him.

It shows he doesn’t understand the first thing about America, our republic, or the citizens of this country. It shows he considers himself a master, not a servant, of the people. It shows he thinks people owe their loyalty to politicians, but politicians work for themselves or special interests. How did he illustrate this?

The Hill reports that Biden, in the middle of a gun control argument with a Michigan auto worker at a campaign stop, first threatened the voter, telling him, “Don’t tell me that pal, or I’m going to go outside with your ass.”

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So the almost 80 Joe Biden is going to take a young auto worker “outside” and do what? Smell his hair? The auto worker balks and says, “You’re working for me, man!”

This voter was just reminding Biden of a bedrock ideal of the American nation, that the politicians serve the citizens. Not the other way around. How does Joe Biden respond to the voter?

He says, “I’m not working for you.”

Let that sink in. Joe Biden says he does not work for the American voter. Then, who does he work for?

The Democratic Party? The liberal elite? Leftists and socialists in the Democratic Party? Who does Biden work for?

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Do you think Joe Biden is the most moderate Democrat presidential candidate?

In all likelihood, just as many other politicians think, he only works for himself.

The American voter means nothing to Biden. He is in it for all he can get out of it, and apparently, all his family can profit from it. To publicly admit this is a sign that he thinks he can say anything and get protected by the media or that Biden believes the American people accept being virtual slaves to their politicians.

He is wrong, at least on the last count. He may find out in November how dearly he will pay for his mistake.