We have a two-tiered justice system in America, and it’s a big problem

No nation can survive a two-tiered justice system

In the wake of the media blow up over the incident surrounding the sentencing memorandum of Roger Stone I keep hearing wailing and gnashing of teeth about President Trump overstepping and trying to inappropriately influence the Department of Justice.

The problem is, the facts don’t support the whiner’s hypothesis AND they do support the concern of Americans like you and me, that we seem to have a two-tier justice system now, one for us outside the administrative state, and one for those inside. Out here away from the Washington DC bubble, we know there’s no way forward for any nation to survive unequal justice for all. We know that from history and experience.

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What experience? 620,000 Americans died in the 1860s in the fight to end an unequal justice system based on skin color, thousands have sacrificed mightily since then to completely eradicate that system, and we still have work to do.

So, this current effort to institutionalize and embed unequal justice based on political viewpoint is not only wrong, but extremely dangerous when taken in the context of our nation’s sad history in this area.

The sentencing recommendation for Roger Stone by four Mueller Investigation prosecutors of 7-9 years was met with disdain and surprise by the leadership at the Department of Justice. The recommendation was over the top for a 67 year old man who has never been convicted of a crime before, whose home was raided in an early morning assault by heavily armed tactical teams and was obviously leaked to CNN by the prosecutors, and who probably would never have been prosecuted had he not supported Donald Trump for president.

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But, while the media was covering Trump’s tweet about the issue incessantly another indicator of our unequal justice system emerged, the Justice Department issued a letter stating they would not be charging the former Deputy Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe, for lying under oath multiple times and leaking to the media. Considering McCabe was fired for a “lack of candor” (lying) and referred for prosecution by the DOJ Inspector General investigation, citizens are outraged by this development.

In light of the aggressive prosecution of people like George Papadopoulos, retired Lieutenant General Mike Flynn, and Mr. Stone for lying to the FBI the unequal treatment of these Americans appears to only have been done because they are supporters of Mr. Trump. This is not the country we grew up in. We don’t prosecute differently based solely on political views or partisan position, our laws are supposed to be applied equally but we now have very strong evidence the FBI and Justice Department are doing the opposite.

For more than three years we were subjected to investigations into the hoax of “Russia – Trump Campaign Collusion” through the FBI investigation known as Crossfire Hurricane, the Mueller investigation, and then an unwarranted impeachment process that continued these false accusations in spite of the Mueller report unequivocally finding that no Trump campaign individual, from the candidate to volunteers, colluded with Russia.

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The DOJ Inspector General investigations revealed what we now know, that surveillance warrants were falsely gained because of the nefarious activities of politicized FBI attorneys and agents in the Crossfire Hurricane and Mueller investigations. We also know from George Papadopoulos that friendly foreign intelligence agencies and the US intelligence community were involved even before that Crossfire Hurricane began, confirming my previous calls to question the US Intelligence community’s Russia Intelligence Capability assessment that was approved by President Obama and supported the false narrative.

The obfuscation, lies, and illegal spying are now being uncovered but no one is being held accountable, no one. This is a very dangerous situation as we are even seeing administrative state members like McCabe continue their push back, attempting to change the narrative to one that it is President Trump who is using the power of the Department of Justice to harm THEM. We all know quite the opposite is the truth and we will insist on accountability through ongoing investigations like the one John Durham is leading, our congressional representatives and social media.

To us, being held accountable simply means these bad actors, once identified, are given the due process many of their prosecuted victims didn’t enjoy, thoroughly investigated, and charged if appropriate, then tried in court before a jury of their peers. That is all we can expect, and we should insist upon justice being served equally, but in the two-tiered justice environment we’re in, that is not happening.

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Rob Maness is a retired Air Force Colonel, a former wing and squadron commander, veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, a survivor of the 9/11 Pentagon Attack, Board Member of Military-Veterans Advocacy, The Second Amendment Institute, WGI Global. and Host of the Rob Maness Show on LifeZetteTV.

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