WATCH: PETA founder urges animal owners to stop using the derogatory term — “pets”

PETA is trying to receive attention with another bombastic request.

Image Credit: PETA

After performing a little research, I found that the word “pet” comes from the Scottish Gaelic “peata,” which means “tame animal.”

However, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is urging people to put an end to the use of the word “pet,” as they deem it derogatory and demeaning to the animal. You heard that right.

Could PETA please provide the names of the animals they interviewed?  If I were to ask the neighbor’s dog if they were offended that I called it a pet, they would probably tilt her head and look at me like……….wait for it………………a dog.

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The founder of the animal activist group told a British media outlet that the term “pet” is derogatory and reduces animals from being a living, breathing organism to an inanimate object.

Founder Ingrid Newkirk instead wants people to use the term “animal companions” to describe dogs, cats and other domestic animals. She is also calling for people to refer to themselves as animal “guardians” instead of “owners.”

In the past, PETA has called for an end to what they describes as “anti-animal speech,” including terms like, “bringing home the bacon,” “kill two birds with one stone, “beat a dead horse,” and “take the bull by the horns.”

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Sweet fancy Moses, figure it out. PETA releases these wacky statements or decrees, all the time. They do it for the attention, to get their name out there and keep it current.

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It’s an eventuality that PETA will come to a stance that states that animals belong in the wild and that people should not keep animals confined in their living quarters or property depriving the animal of their freedom, maybe with the exceptions of service dogs. PETA will also eventually promote the ban of commercial pet foods that contain any animal parts in the ingredients.

Or, as a suggested alternative, drop the crazy talk so people can instead focus on the good and vital work they do.

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