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Virginia students defy school officials who forbid “offensive” American flags on their vehicles

There’s an amazing rebellion happening in Virginia.

And it’s not just the Second Amendment uprising, which is growing stronger as we speak.

A group of patriotic students at Franklin County High School in Virginia were told by school officials that they couldn’t fly the American flag from their trucks because it might be “offensive.” And to the students’ credit, they did exactly what you’d hope, they flew them anyway.

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After the backlash, the school principal quickly backed down claiming it was all just a “misunderstanding” and of course the kids can fly their flags.

Franklin County High School students showed up in unity on Tuesday displaying American flags on their vehicles after an administrator allegedly told them to remove them.

“My son called me from school saying that he saw an administrator around his truck and is now being called to the office,” the mother of one of the students said.

On Monday, the mother said her son and two of his friends were told they could no longer fly their American flag on their trucks because it was potentially “offensive” and “disruptive.”

She says she received a call from the school principal Jon Crutchfield on that evening.

“He has apologized to the boys and told them that it is not against the rules to fly their flag on their truck. Apparently, it was a big misunderstanding that should have never gotten this far,” the mother said. [btw21 [2]]

You can watch the videos below:

This is exactly the type of defiance that this country was built on. The “will not comply” spirit that is part of every red-blooded patriotic American! And if you don’t like our flag or if it “offends” or “scares” you, then leave.

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