Trump: My great accomplishment as president will be exposing corruption

There is no doubt the Swamp needs draining...

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Bang on President Trump!!!

Media types continue to ask President Trump banal questions! And true to form he always gives the very best answers in spite of the nonsense.  Some reporter asked the president as he was leaving the White House to board Marine 1, “Do you believe that Russia helped you get elected?”

Geez! This old tired line of questioning again? Do they never tire of asking the same thing and getting the same answer? Is there no other news to ask his opinion on?

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President Trump’s answer was excellent, “No Russia did not help me get elected. Do you know who got me elected? Do you know who got me elected? I got me elected. Russia didn’t help me at all. Russia, if anything, I think helped the other side. What you ought to ask is this, do you think the media helped Hillary Clinton get elected? She didn’t make it. But you take a look at collusion between Hillary Clinton and the media. You take a look at collusion between Hillary Clinton and Russia. She had more to do in the campaign with Russia than I did. I had nothing to do. And by the way, that’s one other thing. If you look, this was all about Russia Russia, Russia. They don’t talk about Russia anymore. Because it turned out to be a hoax, it was all a hoax. And then they say ‘Gee he fought back. Isn’t that terrible? He fought back.’ Of course, I fought back. Because it was a false accusation, a totally false accusation. It’s a disgrace!  It’s a very sad period for this country. And I think in the end I will consider this to be one of my greatest achievements: exposing this corruption.”

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The only thing that was effective about what the Democrats have done with the witch hunt (besides duping millions of Americans into thinking our president is guilty of something, is that they were able to slow down the pace of his accomplishments.

After November, perhaps we will see the same results at super speed.

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