Anyone who would fall for the blatant scam the president and his attorney general are using to fake a rift in their relationship would have to be so thick that calling that person a drooling congenital cretin would be a gross understatement.

Enter, stage far left, the Democrats.

If you, like me, are a film fan then you remember 1973’s Paul Newman and Robert Redford movie “The Sting.” It took the 1974 Best Picture Oscar when the award meant something. It told the story of a Mr. Inside, Redford, and a Mr. Outside, Newman, who were running a con to scam another crook, played by Robert Shaw. The last scene, after a fake shootout where the mark gets played and loses all his money, is a laugh-out-loud surprise and a joy to watch.

That must be the way Trump, Mr. Inside, and Barr, Mr. Outside, are feeling right about now.

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Barr’s contrived minor public fit over Trump’s tweeting has put some distance between him and the president. Last night, Barr even went as far as to let it be leaked that he could resign if Trump didn’t stop tweeting on DOJ issues.


A man like Barr who kept his mouth shut and showed tremendous discipline and loyalty to Trump during the impeachment drama suddenly goes south on the president over a tweet or two? Becomes a leaker when he didn’t all through 2019? Those tweets coming from a man Barr knew was tweet happy when he signed on as AG?


But lo and behold, those monuments to gullibility and Trump Derangement Syndrome —the Democrats— have swallowed this baloney hook, line, and socialist sinker.

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This morning, more than several of them in Congress and the media are praising Barr for standing up to that ogre Donald Trump. Redford and Newman…er…um…Trump and Barr must hardly be containing their laughter.

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This sets up Barr for a lot better treatment than he would have had at the hands of the House Judiciary Committee when he testifies in front of them soon. Now that he has established some anti-Trump bona fides, the pigeons on the committee will handle him with more care. Not that they will be gentle. But they will pull their punches.

Which is exactly how Trump and Barr designed it. So while the Democrats are trying to make hay out of the false traitor, the president and the AG will go about their business running the nation.

Makes a guy want to hum a Marvin Hamlisch tune.