Fox News reports that three Democratic members of the House Judiciary Committee who voted against President Trump on impeachment are now under suspicion for unethical activities of their own.

Rep. Madeline Dean of Pennsylvania, Rep. Pramila Jayapal of Washington, and Rep. Lucy McBath of Georgia all had ethics complaints filed against them by a watchdog nonprofit group on Wednesday. Americans for Public Trust asked for investigations as to whether the trio violated House rules and federal law.

“All three of these members have engaged in disturbing activities that appear to us to be violations of federal law and House rules. This is especially alarming given all three sit on the prestigious House Judiciary Committee, which has direct oversight responsibilities over the U.S. Department of Justice and, by extension, the nation’s law enforcement,” said Adam Laxalt, former Nevada attorney general and counsel to the group. “We’re calling on the Federal Election Commission and the Office of Congressional Ethics to immediately investigate these suspicious activities.”

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The charges against Dean are that she used funds from one campaign, for lt. governor of PA, in another campaign, a race for Congress. The law says only funds for federal races can be used for other federal races. The PA race was not federal, thus violating FEC rules.

Jayapal is charged with soliciting campaign funds connected with performing an official duty. She did so in a C-SPAN broadcast on healthcare where she used the time given to her as a member of the House to ask for campaign donations. That is a clear violation of House rules.

McBeth allegedly worked for a gun control group up to and during her congressional campaign. She did not report that employment when filing her papers to run and thus was making campaign appearances while both a candidate and an employee of a gun control group. Her non-reported double dipping is against FEC rules.

These three very possibly stood in ethical judgment of the president while they had broken rules of ethics and laws themselves. They repeatedly expressed horror at the president’s supposed actions and sanctimoniously conducted themselves as pure as the driven snow.

But with a little digging, their snow has turned to dark mush.