There was a time when law enforcement and their supporters had persistent opposition from anti-cop social justice warriors who have a vastly different, actually insane, view of law enforcement and the criminal justice system—much of which doesn’t involve enforcing the law. In fact, it often specifically means not enforcing the law.

Their view of how policing should be done exists only in their rose-colored minds where every police call, no matter how dynamic, dangerous, or violent, always works out perfectly—according to their warped standards. And they seem to believe there is a slick, peaceful solution to every surly suspect. In other words, a fairy-tale.

But as bad and anti-cop as these folks are, at least they acknowledge the police exist—if only for them to hate. Now, there is a newly energized political push afoot to abolish the police. Recently, a college professor, George Ciccariello-Maher, called for the abolition of police.

Before wanting to abolish the police, this professor became infamous after tweeting on Christmas Eve 2016, “All I Want for Christmas is White Genocide.” I know what you’re thinking… What a charming individual. I want him teaching my kids.

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Ironically, after letting the world know he’d like Santa to bring him sack loads of Caucasian corpses, he resigned his position at Drexel University because of—wait for it—death threats. I don’t wish the asshole academician any harm, but what did he expect?

He’s only one among many radical leftist academicians who are so damned smart, they continually outsmart themselves. There was a time we could dismiss his nonsense. But with today’s ideologically locked and intolerant academia, a professor emitting this kind of drivel, abolishing the cops, gets a serious hearing. It also attracts fans in Democrat and socialist politics, mainstream news media, and pop culture.

It all sounds so good on paper—not!

Thus, abolishing the police has been getting traction as a radical leftist idea, and now it’s gaining even with some in the U.S. Congress. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently endorsed getting rid of prisons. How much of a stretch to believe she’d support the same for law enforcement? After all, who puts criminals in the prisons she wants abolished?

Everyone knows how hard it is on today’s police officers to counter anti-cop forces, which proliferate like vermin. Politicians, community groups, academia, and the media are all among the cops’ enduring critics. They hold officers to impossible standards while setting their own integrity bars pretty damned low.

The call for abolishing the police has a growing list of supporters. Former Black Panther associate and Marxist Professor Angela Davis has called for abolishing the police (and prisons). She did so while speaking to a group founded by Black Lives Matter (BLM) co-founder Patrisse Cullors. As an introduction, Cullors feels the First Amendment does not protect hate speech.

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Cullors also said President Trump’s base is, “David Duke and the white supremacists…,” completely ignoring the president has repudiated David Duke and white supremacists. According to Real Clear Politics, President Trump said unequivocally, “I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and white nationalists because they should be condemned totally.”

BLM, unsurprisingly, which has made its scorn for police well known, is also calling for abolishing the police. With fizzled clichés and flaccid talking points, advocates offer nothing in the way of concrete ideas that would actually improve society.

Ciccariello-Maher suggests “family, friends, and neighbors” replace the police. What a quaint notion. It may work with homogeneous, aboriginal societies, but not with millions of people, especially in melting-pot nations like the U.S. Shouldn’t this be intuitive even to the dimmest bulb?

Using families, friends, and neighbors, the abolish-the-police movement wants to focus more on “conflict resolution.” Really? Maybe in civil law, labor relations, or summer day camp. But how does that look in the real world where some people don’t want to resolve conflict civilly? In fact, conflict is what these people do best.

As with promoting socialism, the immensely failed economic system (I know, AOC, you and your ilk would “do it right” this time), these anti-cop fanatics argue silly views such as the police serve only the rich. Well, speaking for myself, I spent scant time in “rich” neighborhoods and a lot of time in “poor” neighborhoods.

How can anti-police folks accuse the cops of simultaneously policing primarily for the rich while “over-policing” the poor? They say the poor are more often victims of the cops rather than the beneficiaries of their services. Give me a break. Anyone who says that betrays their cop-hating agenda. They never point to objective facts to back up those silly claims. That’s because there aren’t any. But that’s what happens with unstable ideologues.

Abolishing the police is a radical idea held by leftist malcontents who introduce these antisocial ideas to facilitate collapsing the culture. They want to, as President Obama famously said, fundamentally transform the United States of America.

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We’ve already experienced where the leftist nudge has gotten us. An open border, giving illegal aliens entitlements, and the proliferation of no-bail release of violent criminals would not have been taken seriously even a decade ago. Now, mainstream Democrats are using these types of issues as a litmus test for their political candidates.

Another nudge toward civil unrest has been the extensive damage done to the law enforcement occupation by even mainstream Democrat politicians. Constantly pushing for so-called police reform. What happens when you try to fix something that isn’t broken? You break it. This is happening in many jurisdictions in our nation. Society doesn’t need to abolish the police; society needs to support the police. Nothing functions in a peaceful society without robust law enforcement.

And just because I say the police are not broken and do not need the “reform” the left says it does, does not mean I believe the police should not fix problems as they occur and cannot improve. They should, and they can. But to suggest cop shops should close is beyond absurd. Unfortunately, these days, with the eager complicity of academia and the media, ridiculous is no barrier for the radical left.