Democrat pros in DC are saying they see only two candidates who could stand even the slightest shots at beating President Trump in November. Joe Biden and Michael Bloomberg. Though neither is favored against Trump, both could have an outside shot.

Biden because he may, given his labor-friendly traditional Democrat message, put Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania back in play. Though Trump would destroy him in the debates. Bloomberg because he has more money than God and does not come off as a complete idiot. Though his nanny state tenure as NYC mayor could come back to haunt him.

But if Bloomberg is to be taken seriously as a legit contender in November he is going to have to get his message targeting right. Running a $10 million anti-gun political ad right after the Super Bowl halftime show highlights his need of correction in that regard.

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First, the Super Bowl is like the Christmas season in that nobody wants to talk about politics during the length of it. It is a merciful respite from all that sturm und drang and a time to hang out with pals, drink beer, and eat pizza. Annoying east coast media moguls running for president on wussy NYC gun control proposals need not apply.

He also gets the stats wrong in the spot by falsely claiming adult deaths as the death of kids. Grimly, his writers must think that will give the message more of a maudlin punch.

Here’s the ad.

Then, who does the Bloomberg comms team think watches the Super Bowl? According to their feminist pals it’s males. Lots of males. Other sources and common sense confirm that analysis. Have they seen the poll numbers on how guys feel about gun control? Overwhelmingly against it. So, Bloomberg staff thinks they will make points with voters by interrupting the biggest sporting event in America with a political ad that most of the viewers of said event will not agree with and that may just tick them off?

Uh huh, yeah.

The NRA hit back hard on Fox News, “It is regrettable but not surprising that salient facts didn’t make the ad,” said Amy Hunter, the group’s media director. “Bloomberg cherry-picked aspects of the story to push his agenda. Bloomberg pushes for confiscation of guns and stripping regular Americans of our right to self-defense while he enjoys armed security 24/7. He sees America as his kingdom, and the rest of us as his peasants.”

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And this is not the first Bloomberg bite at the gun control apple. Check out this gem.

Bloomberg better up his game if he wants a shot at any office at all at the convention or in November.