In an interesting action from the son of Irving Kristol, one of the men who founded the neocon movement and led many intellectuals to conservatism, writer and prominent Never Trumper Bill Kristol on Saturday tweeted, “We are all Democrats now.”

He did this in response to President Trump’s victory in the witness vote in the Senate on Friday that all but assures the president’s acquittal. Never Trumper Kristol said the party switch may be only until Trump is out of office.

However, his betrayal of president and party has nixed any future role he may have had in the GOP and any influence, intellectual or otherwise, he would have had over Republican policy.

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But for Kristol it was actually never about policy, or even politics. If you look at many of the policies Kristol and his ilk championed over the years you would think he and they would be the president’s biggest fans. Aside from national security, granted a big exception, Trump has served as the socially moderate and economically conservative leader Kristol’s former magazine “The Weekly Standard” liked to promote.

Even on national security issues like Israel and military preparedness Kristol and Trump believe in the same things. What would make a man like Kristol throw it all away like this?

If you know the players and where they come from the answer is simple. Kristol just doesn’t like Trump. In fact, despises him. Why?

Not only is Trump not a Manhattan neocon think tanker like Kristol, men who ran GOP policy during the administration of Bush the Younger, but he is from Queens.

To them, that makes him waaay too bridge and tunnel. That moniker applies to NYC residents outside of Manhattan who have to use a bridge or tunnel to get into “the city.”

They find him uncouth, loud, abrasive, not the kind of chap they would invite to the Hamptons or the Vineyard for the weekend. He just is not of their set and even more, may remind them too closely of their own families a couple of generations ago.

Those midcentury men were rough, capable, and willing to get down and fight in the political trenches.

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Bill Kristol can’t have that, somebody could break a sweat.

You see, to the former Republican and his followers effete metropolitan social cache trumps everything. That’s why he went full Democrat. That’s why he should stay there.