MSNBC accidentally interviews Trump supporter in New Hampshire


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MSNBC’s Katy Tur accidentally interviewed a supporter of President Trump in New Hampshire, who proceeded to trash socialism live on the network.

MSNBC Shocked That New Hampshire Man Isn’t a Bernie Supporter!

Tur was out in New Hampshire for MSNBC, covering the primaries for the network. Standing in a car park near a voting station, she stopped one man for a short man-on-the-street interview.

“Can you tell us who you voted for?” she asked him, not knowing she’d accidentally discovered a real man-on-the-street.

“Donald John Trump,” he replied with conviction.

Tur, like many media pundits, seemed astounded that the man was not a Democrat.

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“Look at that,” she said. “Bernie Sanders is not appealing to you?”

The man proceeded to launch into a criticism of socialism and Bernie Sanders.

“The whole ideology would be destructive to the country,” he said. “It’s anti-growth, it’s anti-family, it’s anti-American, and as a Roman-Catholic, it’s anti-life.”

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The man stood in stark contrast to a bona-fide “democratic socialist” who claimed that the socialist label didn’t hurt Sanders and his campaign at all.

“I’m a socialist, I stand by this brand 100 percent, you can see I’ve got my Democratic Socialists of America jacket,” Evan S., whose pronouns are “they” and “them,” said. “I think that this is really just the beginning. …. I think what people really respond to is big programs that generate wins and change their lives. And I think as Bernie’s movement starts to put the pressure to really improve things for people – these high-deductible health plans, going away; this medical debt that ruining people’s lives, going away…”

A Socialist Candidate Would Be Roundly Defeated

The Democrat political pundits couldn’t disagree more, and saw the man in New Hampshire’s reaction on MSNBC as proof that Sanders would easily lose to Trump.

“I like Bernie. He’s honest, he says what he believes,” said Ed Rendell, former Democratic governor of Pennsylvania. “But he can’t win because America is not going to vote for a socialist.”

An anonymous source, who was concerned of reprisals from hard-left activists, said that everybody they know is “terrified that Bernie or Elizabeth Warren is going to get traction,” because “not only would they lose to Trump if you put a socialist label on the Democratic party, we would lose the House.”

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I think the Democrats are right! Whilst Sanders does give off some of the same populist vibes that the President does, the American people are in no way ready for a socialist to take control. The younger generations may be more amiable to big government intervention and are more in favor of Sanders’s policies, but they are not the majority. President Trump would wipe the floor with Sanders in the general.

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