When Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) appeared on the ABC talk show “The View” on Wednesday morning, conservative cohost Meghan McCain did not hesitate to confront her about the perils of socialism and about the despicable behavior of the so-called “Bernie Bros” who support Bernie Sanders, the New York congresswoman’s candidate of choice.

“I’m really glad that you decided to come and talk to us,” McCain began after Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) sat down. “I feel like you’re the boogie woman of the right and I’m the bogey-woman of the left so it’s interesting to be talking to you.”

McCain went on to say that as a proud conservative, she believes that “big government is very, very dangerous.” She also said that in the eyes of her and other Republicans, Sanders’ “complete paradigm shift of the American system” is “like the apocalypse.”

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Instead of trying to explain how Sanders’ plan of spending $2.2 trillion over the course of a decade to make public colleges and universities tuition-free, AOC decided to point the figure at Republicans and effectively tell them to stop asking questions.

“It’s funny because progressive policies are always talked about in 10-year price tags, conservative policies are always talked about in one-year price tags,” the liberal congresswoman said, adding that the military budget has gone up $100 billion since President Donald Trump took office.

“We don’t ask how he pays for that,” AOC said. “When we talk about big government, we don’t talk about big government interjecting themselves into the bodies of women and gender-nonconforming people for anti-choice policies. So I’m happy to talk about the reduction of government’s role in places that I think are harmful.”

After AOC talked in circles for a few minutes about the various ridiculous ways Sanders’ allegedly plans to fund his plans, McCain moved on to a topic in which she hoped they could find more “middle ground.”

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“I want to talk about the Bernie bros,” McCain said. “The one thing that connects women on the left and women on the right, I have found at least a lot of guest co-hosts, a lot of guests that have come on over the three years I’ve been here, is the abuse that we have all been subjected to by the Bernie bros.”

“It is by far, of anything I’ve ever seen in my life, the most violent, most misogynistic, the most sexist, the most harmful, my mother has cried over doctored photos that Bernie brothers have sent me,” she added. “He has a real problem and I don’t think he’s doing enough to tamper it down.”

McCain concluded by asking AOC as an “extremely powerful woman…How do you feel that he’s attached to this deeply misogynistic—and I would go so far as to say violent—sector of people?”

A clearly-uncomfortable AOC replied by saying that “internet culture can often be very toxic” before saying women of color are usually the biggest targets of this hate.

“I think that to a certain extent we have to always reject hate, reject vitriol, and denounce that kind of behavior,” AOC said, going on to say that “anonymous” actors online are “difficult to control.”

“Do you think he’s done enough to try and stop it?” an undeterred McCain asked of Sanders.

“I think he works very hard,” AOC said, saying that Sanders has sent “message emails” out on the topic. However, she then tried to shift the conversation to blasting ICE and CBP officer who mocked her in a private Facebook group.

Thankfully, the typically-liberal cohost Whoopi Goldberg wasn’t about to let AOC off that easy.

“He’s got to do more,” Goldberg said of Sanders. “He’s got to stand up and say it every day if he needs to, stop this, we’re not accepting it.”

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AOC and Sanders are trying to turn America into a Socialist nation, and in order to stop them, we need to put them both in the hot seat as much as possible. Most members of the mainstream media faun over AOC because she is “edgy” and unafraid to “clap back” at conservatives, so it was refreshing to see McCain call her out and make her uncomfortable on live television.

AOC’s bid for socialism has gone far enough, and it’s time for us to end it once and for all by ensuring that Sanders does not win the 2020 presidential nomination. This interview makes it clear once again that Sanders and AOC really have no idea how they’ll actually pay for the plans they have for our country. Let’s send them back to Vermont and New York, respectively, where they belong, and move on to other candidates who aren’t going to destroy the very foundation of our country if elected.