McCarthy will expunge Trump’s impeachment if Republicans take back the House

But those aren't his only plans...

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Pelosi’s “impeached forever” statement really isn’t aging well.

Today Trump was acquitted of the most partisan, flimsy and pathetic impeachment articles of all time.

Oh, but it doesn’t stop there folks!

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Many GOP lawmakers won’t be satisfied until the entire impeachment is completely struck from the record.

Specifically, GOP Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who told the NY Post that Republicans will expunge the impeachment if they win back the house in November.

“This is the fastest, weakest, most political impeachment in history,” McCarthy told The Post on Wednesday. “I don’t think it should stay on the books.”

If McCarthy (R-Calif.) does indeed take the gavel from Pelosi (D-Calif.) in 2021, he will hold immense power to pass legislation — and a vote on expungement almost certainly would yield party-line support. [NY Post]

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But McCarthy doesn’t stop there.

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He’s also proposing a full investigation of Democrats’ top trouble makers: Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, and Jeffrey Nadler.

This investigation he hopes will further help expunge Trump’s impeachment.

McCarthy and other Republicans say that investigating how Democrats — led by Pelosi, Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) and Judiciary Committee Chair Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) — pursued their impeachment of Trump could provide the factual basis to underpin an expungement effort.

“I think [if] we take the majority, some of the key priorities for us are infrastructure, lowering prescription drugs and others. But I think when you look at what the Democrats have done, I also think we have to get to the bottom of it,” McCarthy said.

“There’s still an 18th transcript that was never released about the inspector general. It’s interesting to know, in there there was 179 pages, did Adam Schiff know the whistleblower? Did he meet with the whistleblower? I think a lot of questions are raised about whether that individual, Adam Schiff, was a fact witness.” [NY Post]

If this comes to fruition, it’ll be yet another massive blow to Democrats’ desperate efforts to remove President Trump.

This is why we need to all vote smart in November!

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