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Elizabeth Warren shredded on Twitter for bragging about accepting “$3 Dollars” from broke college supporter

Elizabeth Warren_Dec 19 Dem Debate in LA

I don’t think this story turned out quite the way Elizabeth Warren hoped that it would.

It sounded like just another (fake) corny political stump story – after a poor showing in New Hampshire, Warren vows to “stay in the race” after a broke young college student tells her all she has is $6 dollars in the bank but she wanted Warren to stay in the fight so she donated $3 dollars to her campaign.

I mean, give me a break. This didn’t happen.

Here’s the video of her telling the story:

And the responses to Liz’s goofy story were absolute gold!

“That’s what socialism does. It takes half of the money from people who hardly have any to begin with, and gives it to those who don’t deserve it.”

“You’re rich tho why you taking her money?”

“Couldn’t Liz give her back the $3 and then give her another $6 so she’d have double her money? “Say thank you,” Liz would say. “Vote me for president. You’re welcome.””

“I’ll take “Things That Never Happened” for that $3.00″

“lyin dog faced pony soldier”

“Aren’t you suppose to redistribute the wealthy’s wealth to the poor? Why didn’t you write a check immediately & give her $100k? You keep saying that we, the taxpayer should eliminate student loan debt. Instead you took half of what she had left and said thanks. Money > Mouth”

“You took her $3 – knowing she had only $6 and you’re proud of that? And this woman must have gotten her degree in economics from BU with AOC. Just so many bad choices in one post”

“No broke college student should be giving you half of the $6 they have in the bank. You should give it back & advise them that today is 1st day of making prudent financial decisions She’s in no position to donate to your campaign”

“No wonder she’s broke. Bad money management and falling for con schemes.”

“So you took half of her income Great socialist”

“That’s disgusting if true. However, it’s probably just another conjured up story from the liar in chief…and I use chief lightly.”

“Maybe you should give her the $400,000 you charged to teach at a college.”

“I donated two beaver pelts, who will match me?”

The ironic point here is that if professors like Elizabeth Warren wouldn’t have taken a salary of $400K a year, girls like that so-called “student” wouldn’t be in such horrific debt.

Warren is just another hypocrite who got rich off the system that she now claims to hate.

This piece originally appeared on WayneDupree.com [17] and is used by permission.

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