Democratic front runners are a monochromatic boy’s club

For a party obsessed by race and gender, this is an issue.

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Let’s think of things whiter than white.

A snow drift in the dead of winter, a Klu Klux Klan meeting, and, uh huh, all the Democratic front runners. Sanders, Buttigieg, Biden, even throw Bloomberg in there, and it’s a whiter shade of male pale. The only female anywhere near the big boys, Liz Warren, is, naturally, chalk-pigmented.

Now, don’t me wrong. As a conservative who is Latin, South American Indian, and black I’m a big fan of Anglo-Saxons and a thorough going Anglophile. Hell, in high school other Latin kids called me a “coconut Latin,” brown on the outside white on the inside. I didn’t see the insult. I just thought they meant I tanned well.

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So far be it from me to tag anyone by race or gender for political favor.

But then, I’m not a Democrat.

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That party has been nattering on about race and gender for generations, initially quite legitimately. But after they did yeoman’s work and people were seen as equal before the law (the only kind of equality really enforceable) they realized now those very same people could succeed and thus no longer have a tendency to vote Democratic.

So they reversed course in the early 70s and under the auspices of the welfare state destroyed many innocent minority families. They also sold a false bill of man-hating goods to women who now think the “right” to an abortion was enshrined in the Constitution by James Madison.

Yes, black and female Americans were let in their inner councils. But only if they took a hard left line. And now, that doesn’t seem to be good enough anymore. Hence the bleached out Democratic front runner boy’s club.

And who is waiting in the wings to pounce?

Yup, President Donald Trump.

With his poll numbers rising with minority voters and without the holier-than-thou albatross of talking one way and acting the other, Trump is appealing to growing numbers of minority voters who finally are seeing through the patronizing bigotry and self evident hypocrisy of the Democrats. As for women, the president beat a female nominee in 2016. That says a bunch.

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And the Democratic primary honchos? What are they doing as Trump is stealing their electoral march?

No doubt drowning their sorrows in cucumber sandwiches washed down with Chardonnay. Extra mayonnaise on the sandwich, of course.

David Kamioner
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