A video has just surfaced that shows the world just how classless and hypocritical members of the mainstream media really are.

The video shows a member of the media laughing at an Indian reporter as he steps up to ask President Donald Trump a question at a press briefing. As the reporter talks to Trump in his native accent, the female journalist can be seen turning to the person next to her and asking what the man is saying. When the person shakes her head to signify that she does not know, the young woman turns back around to look at the Indian reporter and proceeds to laugh at him hysterically, seemingly just because his accent is hard for her to understand.

It’s unclear who exactly this young women is or what publication she works for, but we’re willing to bet that she’s not a conservative journalist, given the fact that no major publications are reporting on this video. If a Fox News reporter had done anything like this, it would be the top story of the day with every major mainstream outlet reporting on it gleefully to make the conservative network look “racist.”

When liberals behave this way, however, they are rarely called out and suffer no consequences. This is the hypocritical leftwing world that we live in now.

The social media users who have seen the video did not hesitate to call out the media for their hypocrisy.

“Very rude… funny thing is they always accuse Trump of treating them poorly. They don’t even treat each other nice,” one social media user commented, with another adding, “And then they wonder why President Trump doesn’t spend more time with them.”