Bloomberg’s disturbing comments to 11-year-old girl have people calling him “Joe Biden Jr.” 

Following social rules and norms really shouldn't be this difficult

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By now we all know that Joe Biden has a very creepy past (and present) when it comes to relating and interacting with women of all ages.

But it’s how he behaves with young girls that have many people very distributed and offended.

His sniffing, nuzzling, and touching have been documented in countless videos – and he doesn’t seem to care that people are grossed out and concerned.

Biden is one of those typical ruling elites who believes he’s above the law and whatever he does is “okay,” and if you don’t “get it” that’s on you, not him.

Well, now people are wondering if the same thing is true with billionaire oligarch Michael Bloomberg after a strange interaction with an 11-year-old child on stage during one of his recent events.

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Bloomberg had the young girl on stage – I don’t see why these creepy old guys keep using pre-pubescent girls on the campaign trail – he makes useless small talk for a moment, including asking the child if she drinks “beer yet” (disgusting), and then he leans in and kisses her on the cheek (disgusting).

But it’s what he said after the kiss that has raised even more eyebrows.

As he pulled away after the creepy kiss on the cheek, Bloomberg says, “I’m shameless…”

You’re WHAT?

I’m sorry, but that comment has “creepy perverted old lech” written all over it. It’s suggestive and sexual, and you will not convince me otherwise.

You can watch the video below:

Needless to say, that disturbing comment caused a lot of people to take pause and even compare him to Creepy Joe.

“Twitter apparently agrees that Bloomberg is a sick perv”

“Could this guy be any weirder. He is creepy, clearly taking over for Joe. Once again shoe on the other foot test, what if Trump did that, they would impeach him”

“They are almost the same height but seriously is this #Pedogate? WHY would anyone target an 11-year-old for politics??? Let them be kids”

“Good GAWD what is it with these people putting their creepy hands all over kids???”

“They are trying to normalize pedophilia.”

“Jfc he just Biden’ed that poor girl”

If these sick pigs want to kiss babies on the cheek, go for it. But to sit here using these still-developing girls as “political props” is just repugnant beyond words, especially with all we now know about “rich guys” and Jeffrey Epstein.

But these rich elites like Bloomberg and Biden don’t care what the peasants say. They’ll just do as they please and then tell you that you misunderstood everything, dumb peasant.

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