Alec Baldwin calls Trump “Hitler”

The rich actor did so without being a arrested by the dictatorship's secret police.

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If the president is a dictator he is a very inefficient one, as his critics are free to slam him at the drop off a hat and remain free to do it again. One of those critics, actor Alec Baldwin tweeted this:

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Baldwin, known for his temper and brutal parenting skills, also said. “…The United States government is as lawless as the malignant dictatorships we’ve hated in our foreign policy since WWII.”

Do Hollywood actors think too much of themselves?

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Let’s see:

Stalin? It seems Trump has not yet launched a famine against states that voted against him. In fact, by the looks of anti-Trump activists Mr. Baldwin and Harvey Weinstein, the food is more than plentiful in New York and California.

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Mao? Has Trump collectivized all the farms and driven Hillary Clinton to form a rebel government on Martha’s Vineyard? He missed that. Better get that straightened out and pronto. Wouldn’t want to make Alec Baldwin look like a frothing lunatic.

Castro? Were we almost invaded by Canada but Justin Trudeau pulled out the air support at the last moment, stranding his Quebecois troops in the best little coffee shops in Seattle? No? Quel dommage.

So the president better up his dictator game if he ever wants the respect of Alec Baldwin and the rest of the stable, decent, completely logical Hollywood crowd.

Or Trump can just write and produce the next election. Then he can watch Baldwin sputter some more craziness about him being Hitler when he wins reelection.

That’s a movie most Americans would see a second time.

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