Vince Vaughn Shaking Trump’s Hand is a Party Foul to Some Liberals

The cancel culture cries boo hoo.

Image Credit: Screenshot, YouTube La Nación Costa Rica

Libertarian movie star Vince Vaughn has had a lot of good roles in his career. Swingers, Wedding Crashers, and Hacksaw Ridge are some of his best films. But a spot on the marquee he probably wasn’t craving was to be the star of a spiteful little leftist drama produced by vicious airheads who trashed him from the dark coddled safety of their parent’s basement.

But that’s just what the casting director ordered as Vaughn was seen committing the ultimate Bolshie sin. He was caught on video talking to President Trump for about a minute at a football game.

Omg! He’s speaking to the devil!

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To be fair, this hasn’t been a major moment of sorrow for the left, but a few off-key lefties certainly set a bad precedent. Consider the originator of the video:


And this guy. (language)

As talk show host Ellen DeGeneres recently also found out when she hung out with a Republican at a football game, that time with former President George Bush, your entire life must belong to the Left. Every hour must be spent toeing the line or else.

Thankfully, the “or else” part means some adolescents, these days that could mean up to thirty years of age and beyond, will hold their breath until they turn blue, kick their tiny legs up and down, and generally curse the universe that successful people like Vaughn and the president have fun at championship sporting events.

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Freedom of association? Alright, when the Left wants to hang around terrorists and communists. But how dare a private citizen on his own time have the audacity to speak to the leader of his own country?! And at some kind of game the leftists have seen once or twice and are pretty sure has something to do with home runs and free throws.

That makes it even worse!

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