If things weren’t going badly enough for Dem Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, her natural arrogance and disdain for everyday Americans has landed her in hot water, again. This time in Iowa.

She is losing in that state. She is losing in her neighboring New Hampshire where she should be vying for first. Her fundraising has hit a midair stall, as has her poll numbers. And most seem to think she lied about her conversation with Bernie Sanders on female electability in 2020.

The woman who, in a now classic video, tried to appear normal by drinking a beer but however only came across as barely tolerating the brew, has brushed off then laughed at an Iowa dad who worked double shifts to pay for his daughter’s college education.

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This is not a strange thing amongst upscale leftists, as their froo froo lifestyles run up against their alleged love of the working class. It’s a dichotomy they rarely navigate well.

Here’s a tweet of the incident.


“So, you’re laughing,” the exasperated man says to Warren as she begins to blow him off. “Yes, that’s exactly what you’re doing,” he exclaims. “We did the right thing — and we get screwed,” the clearly agitated dad says before turning heel and walking away.

You see to Ivy League lawyers and their socioeconomic ilk college can be afforded naturellement! They sneer at someone they consider a mere prole who had to work long hours to afford to send his child to college.

If the brutes have to be exploited to bring about socialism in higher education…excuse me…that was incorrect…I mean, to bring about more socialism in higher education, then so what? Those middle-class stiffs probably aren’t voting Dem anyway.

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So, to Warren and her crowd, they are convenient financial patsies for socialist education payment schemes.

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The absurdity of Warren’s position, that anything of value can be had for free, was showcased beautifully by a bit of performance art during the 2016 Democratic Convention in Philadelphia.

I was living in Philly at the time and a pal and I decided to attend Dem events as one would visit a serpentarium at the zoo. At one bit of Dem attended street theater, a joke candidate named Vermin Supreme was asked by a shill in his audience how American citizens would pay for free college educations for all.

His classic response, “We don’t have to. It’s free!”