If there is one thing we used to hear from the Dems, before impeachment-mania, it was how the cruel Trump administration was in separating kids from their parents at our southern border when said parents were trying to enter this country illegally.

But Dems have forgotten those kids like they forgot Econ 101 and Monday a U.S. judge decided they were in the wrong in the first place.

U.S. District Judge Dana Sabraw said that the administration is operating properly when it separates families for questions of health, doubts of parentage, or the criminal history of the parents.

The judge wrote, “It is an invitation that is potentially massive in scope, invades an area that is particularly within the province of the executive branch to secure the nation’s border, and goes beyond this court’s class certification and preliminary injunction orders, which were focused on the administration’s practice of separating families at the border for the purpose of deterring immigration and failing to reunify those families,” in a 26-page court decision.

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The ACLU, the group that brought the suit in July to stop the practice, had posited that families were being divided for illegitimate reasons. They lost but attempted to put a smiley face on it, “The court strongly reaffirmed that the Trump administration bears the burden if it attempts to separate families based on an accusation that the adult is not the child’s parent,” spun the ACLU shyster Lee Gelernt.

Gelernt continued, “We are evaluating the decision to determine next steps on how to ensure that children are not separated from their parents based on minor infractions.”

This will continue up the judicial ziggurat. But the president gets another win on this subject for now. He’s been racking them up as of late.