The ABC talk show “The View” exploded on Wednesday when Alan Dershowitz defended President Donald Trump from the liberal cohosts’ attacks as they talked about the Senate impeachment trial.

Hosts Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg came particularly unhinged while talking to Dershowitz, with the former calling his arguments “baloney” and the latter cutting him off at one point. When Behar claimed that no other constitutional scholar agreed with his assertion that a crime is necessary for impeachment, Dershowitz tried to give her a quick history lesson.

“In 18…,” Dershowitz began before Goldberg rudely cut him off, saying, “Ok, wait, wait, wait. Alan, you know, in 1492 Columbus sailed the seas blue but listen, I need us to move on.”

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Dershowitz fired back by saying that he would not move on before he could give some historical context on impeachment, but Goldberg refused to back down.

“You’re not going to get any time because you got four people trying to ask you questions,” she said.

Undeterred, Dershowitz explained to the women that many scholars have taken their current stances on impeachment because of their personal opinions on Trump.

“Shortly after the Constitution was enacted, the dean of Columbia Law School said that the weight of authority was in favor of it being a crime,” he said. “Now, the academics all say it isn’t. Why? Because Donald Trump is being impeached. If Hillary Clinton was being impeached, they’d all be on my side.”

This simple argument was enough to cause Behar to lose it.

“That’s just baloney, that’s just baloney,” she exclaimed.

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As chaos continued to erupt, Goldberg finally threatened Dershowitz by saying, “I’m moving you on or I’m cutting you off — one or the other is going to happen.”

Things only went downhill from there, as “The View’s” cohosts tried to make Dershowitz look like a hypocrite by playing a 21 year-old clip in which he said that impeachment “doesn’t have to be a crime.” Though Goldberg accused him of only changing his mind because Trump is the president, Dershowitz countered this by explaining that he actually changed his mind on this point four years ago, when he was looking at the possibility of then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton being impeached if she won the presidency.

Despite the fact that the liberal cohosts were clearly ganging up on him, Dershowitz continued to hold his own. At one point, he even caused Goldberg to whine when he referenced Abraham Lincoln, saying, “You have to go back in history. Impeachment doesn’t change since the time of the Constitution.”

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“You should never have an impeachment unless there’s broad, widespread, non-partisan support — that doesn’t exist here,” he later added.

Behar, Goldberg, and their fellow liberals have this kind of visceral reaction to Dershowitz because deep down, they know he is right. This entire impeachment debacle is nothing more than pathetic vendetta from the Democratic Party, which has still not gotten over Trump beating Clinton in 2016.

In the end, the impeachment effort is nothing more than a huge waste of time, as there is virtually no chance of Trump being impeached by the Senate. All it’s accomplishing is showing Americans everywhere just how much anti-Trump hatred leftists have in their hearts.