This article is far too short a space to list all of the instances from 1945-1991 that the U.S. Democratic Party hosted communist agents of influence or worse or took the communist line in national security matters.

From Alger Hiss and Harry Dexter White to Henry Wallace, from Tom Hayden to the Dear Commandante Letter, from Ted Kennedy asking the Soviets to intervene in the 1984 American presidential election to the modern socialist ideals of today’s Dems, this party has tilted hard left even at the expense of U.S. combat troops in the field.

So that gives them little credibility in bringing up the scary Russians now, especially after said Russians were defanged by GOP defense and foreign policies they consistently opposed for decades.

But credibility and the massive lack of it does not concern Dems.

Hence why Adam Schiff felt comfortable invoking the Domino Theory (the idea that if one nation falls others will as well, leading right up to our shores. It was used by LBJ to rationalize our involvement in the Vietnam War) in a Senate impeachment trial diatribe against President Trump.

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“As one witness put it during our impeachment inquiry, the United States aids Ukraine and her people so that we can fight Russia over there, and we don’t have to fight Russia here,” Schiff incredibly said.

Wow. Just wow. It is akin to Martin Bormann standing in front of a synagogue and vowing, “Never Again.”

Aside from Schiff’s unintentionally comic highlight day two proceeded much like day one, substituting nonstop Dem babbling for a GOP 11-0 rout of the disloyal opposition.

Schiff, in his amazing capacity to shock with sheer stupidity, also made the argument that the president needed to be removed because he poses a threat to an election that hasn’t happened yet and which the outline of is nowhere near clear. Yes, Trump has already, by Schiff’s reasoning, fixed the 2020 bout.

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Neat trick, that.

Well, by that logic, let’s exclude any candidate from any future election because they potentially could “cheat” (Schiff’s favorite word as of late) and thus render democracy impotent.

Does the hair bronzer-using guy ever listen to his own words? Or are they drowned by the sharply pinging sounds of his mental process throwing pistons?

Either way, we only have another two days of it and the GOP mercifully comes to bat.

Proof, there is a God.