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Pelosi Tells Colleagues She Wears ‘Night Guard’ Because Trump Makes Her ‘Grind Her Teeth’ When She Sleeps

In a recent piece in TIME Magazine, Speaker Pelosi has said to have told colleagues that Trump makes her 'grind her teeth' while she sleeps

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Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants you to know that she’s a-ok. Better than “okay” she’s great and she’s winning!

According to her, it’s President Trump who is beside himself, worried sick and waiting for the Pelosi hammer to fall on impeachment.

That’s what Speaker Pelosi wants you to believe is happening.

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Sadly for her, that’s not what is actually happening.

As a matter of fact, it’s so far from reality that during an interview with TIME Magazine, Pelosi has told her colleagues that she’s so stressed over President Trump that she has to wear a ‘night guard’ because she’s grinding her teeth.

Nancy Pelosi is serving her 17th term in Congress, do you think it's time she stopped running?

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Yep, sounds like you’ve got everything under control there Nancy. Calm, cool and collected.

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Pelosi has told colleagues she’s had to wear a night guard because the White House makes her grind her teeth in her sleep. But her frustration is born of determination, not unease. In our interview, I asked her if the President’s nickname for her, Nervous Nancy, is accurate. “Pfft,” she says, waving a hand. “He’s nervous. Everything he says, he’s always projecting. He knows the case that can be made against him. That’s why he’s falling apart.” – TIME Magazine

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Let’s face it, Pelosi is past her prime, although you have to admit, she has a beautiful set of teeth. As of 2019, Pelosi has served 17 terms in Congress.

It might be time for her, along with a lot of other members of Congress to move on.

She may have been able to better handle someone like President Trump a couple of decades ago, but today the confused Speaker is simply out of her league.

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The fact that she sometimes struggles to string a coherent thought together and she’s grinding her teeth at night tells everyone that it’s not President Trump who’s a nervous wreck, it’s Nancy. Nervous Nancy.

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