During Tuesday night’s Democratic debate, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) gave her thoughts on border security.

A federal judge recently lifted a ban that prohibited DOD funds to be used to construct the southern border wall.

Omar took to Twitter to describe the wall as ‘hateful’ and suggested her motivation to run for Congress was to oppose the wall’s development.

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In a retweet comment, Omar said that the wall construction was “the hateful promise [President Trump] launched his campaign with. I came to Congress to fight back. I won’t stop pushing for a humane immigration system.”


It begs the question: What is hateful about a wall? A popular narrative from the Democrat community is that the wall sends the message that we “don’t want outsiders here.” But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Every person who has ever had the title “U.S citizen” is an outsider or descendant of one. That’s one thing that makes America great!

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America DOES want outsiders, we just want to make sure they’re coming with pure intentions and are coming legally.

The wall is not meant to keep people out. The wall is only meant to serve as a blockade against those with adversarial intentions or to encourage people who just wish for a better life to cross through the proper channels.

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Look at the wall as a filter. The purpose of the wall is to withhold passage of the bad and safely advance the passage of the good.

“Illegal immigrants will find another way to get in,” Democrats will say. But it’s interesting how Democrats will acknowledge that guns don’t kill people, people kill people…but they still want to ban guns in overreaching fashion. “We have to do something,” they say.

But why don’t they apply that same rationale to the border? Nobody thinks the wall is going to keep every criminal out, but we have to do something, right?

Again, America is not opposed to immigrants. We are all immigrants or descendants of them. We want people to come here freely and safely. But also legally.